Trying to Keep Up

One of my favourite jobs these days is researching and writing a monthly report for a client on trends in information design. I like it for several reasons. One, it forces me to spend time each week listening to and reading about what the thought leaders have to say. They are frequently witty as well […]

Claire and the Birds

My elusive daughter has finally come through with some pictures of birds she is helping to care for at the Toronto Zoo. These are a bataleur eagle, a turkey vulture and a saker falcon. I’ll leave it to the reader to sort out which is which.


It’s Not About the Money

A few days ago I encountered a foreign object in a container of yogurt. I thought at the time that I should report it, but almost passed on the idea because it seemed too much trouble. Finally, I went to the manufacturer’s website, not optimistic that it would be helpful. Boy, was I wrong. Their […]

Googling Around

I got my birth certificate in the mail this week. I needed the long form version for Claire to use with her application for a British passport. Seeing the details of my birthplace (already known to me) inspired me to find it on the Internet, so this afternoon I called my mom on Skype and […]