Brin d’Amour

Today’s post is my homage to a cheese, a very special selection I discovered a couple of days ago called brin d’amour, translated by some as “a wisp of love” and also sometimes called fleur de maquis. Well, never mind how you say it, to eat it is a divine experience. I found it at […]

And So It Begins

This week’s theme has been moderate chaos, in a subtle, middle-class way. Our kitchen renovation finally got started — the physical part done by others, that is. I swore I wouldn’t bore people with my renovation story, but I have now decided there is much to learn from such experiences. Lesson 1: Communication is key. […]

Reality Check

Where I am it’s a gloriously sunny Friday, with daffodils blooming outside my window and lots of interesting work to do inside. I just took delivery of a lovely spring blazer I ordered online to use up a gift certificate given to me for participation in a phone survey. I am so lucky. Many people […]

Hey, Look at This

Found something this morning that delights me: The Huffington Post. It’s a blog (mostly) that according to one of its writers aims to unite the blogosphere and Hollywood, but its posters seem to be drawn from a wider pool than that. Aforesaid blogosphere has been pretty incestuous, with so many geeks just arguing with and […]

Getting Started

Today is my officially and personally declared Fresh Start day, when I look forward with delight to whatever comes next. My year plus of redefining myself as a cancer survivor is now over. From now on, survival is just the baseline; every day is a glorious new offering at the open buffet and I’m going […]